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About the Bebop Blog

A Blog is a collection of entries which are sorted by their date. Each entry consist of a

The Bebop Blog shows its entries in two forms:

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Writing and Editing Entries

Choose "Add Contribution" to post a contribution to Bebop. You can write your text in the box named "Abstract", add a text "Body" if you like or upload an existing file from you local machine.

If you upload a file, the abstract and the content of the file will be merged as follows:

You must specify at least one location (i.e. Topic or Folder) for an entry.

According to the security permissions, you might be allowed to edit all documents and comments. If versioning is enabled you can decide whether you want to save a new version (which will be published anew in the blog) or overwrite the latest version (such changes are not republished).

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Text Editing with the WYSIWYG/HTML Editor

If you check the "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) option at the right sidebar Bebop will use the TinyMCE HTML Editor which offers typical word processor capabilities. Note that this editor only works in IE 6 and newer versions of Netscape, Mozilla, & Firefox. Opera, Safari, and other browsers are currently not supported. Alternatively, you can use an Ascii-Editor which uses the ReStructuredText formatting options.

The icons at the bottom of the Editor have the usual meaning. We explain only a few important here. For all others see the Tiny MCE Help.

Icon… Function…
Opens a window which allows you to edit a link.
Removes the link from the selected text.
Opens a window which allows you to edit an image.
Use this option if you copy and paste content from Word-Documents into Bebop. This option ensures that the copied HTML is clean and standard conform. This can save you a lot of trouble.
Opens the TinyMCE Editor in fullscreen mode and tries to make the edit window as large as possible.
Leads to the TinyMCE Help.
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Text Formatting with ReStructured Text

This option is currently switched off. Click here to show/hide the Restructured Text Options.

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